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Let’s talk liqueur with our AFTER NOON range!

Here at The Shropshire Distillery, we offer so much more than gin. (we’re definitely no one trick pony).  

While it was our love of gin that inspired us to create our business in the first place, we haven’t stopped there when it comes to providing delicious tipples for our customers.  

As the creators of premium award-winning spirits, we want to keep providing a high-quality service and so we’re always thinking of new ways to satisfy our customers.

Our AFTER NOON Liqueur range… 
Our AFTER NOON range currently consists of our Cold Brewed Coffee Liqueur and Citrus Earl Grey Tea Liqueur, with plans to extend the range in 2023.

Driven by the idea of creating something delicious, yet out of the ordinary, our AFTER NOON range first launched in November 2021 and continued to encompass our distillery ethos to create honest handcrafted spirits with a personal touch.

For the liqueur range we teamed up with local suppliers and fellow family-run business, Aroma Tea and Coffee Specialists, based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. With their years of experience in brewing the best teas and coffees, and our experience in crafting and creating the best spirits for our customers, we were able to craft the delicious liqueurs we sell today. 

AFTER NOON Cold Brewed Coffee Liqueur 

Cold brewed and with the perfect nod to its home town, this liqueur features Charles Darwin inspired Evolution Blend coffee from Aroma Tea and Coffee specialists in Shrewsbury.  

With the rich flavours of maple syrup and dark chocolate combined with earthy hazelnut notes and sweet hints of butterscotch, this Liqueur certainly isn’t lacking in flavour or depth..  

Our Cold Brewed Coffee Liqueur has everything you need to create the much loved Espresso Martini and is the perfect refreshment for fellow caffeine-lovers.  

AFTER NOON Citrus Earl Grey Tea Liqueur 

Our Citrus Earl Grey Tea Liqueur is cold brewed with tea from Aroma Tea and Coffee specialists in Shrewsbury. Incorporating mixed black teas grown in China with Italy’s natural bergamot fruit oil, this liqueur is a delicious collaboration of culture.  

With the additions of extra dried orange and lemon peel, this liqueur also provides you with a deliciously refreshing citrus boost. Our Citrus Earl Grey Tea Liqueur is no stranger to flavour and is ideal for anyone looking to try something that bit different.  

The reason behind the AFTER NOON range… 
These liqueurs besides being delicious, were designed with simple no-faff cocktails in mind. Any cocktail connoisseur knows how time-consuming and expensive mixing can be when you have a long list of ingredients to buy.  

With our AFTER NOON range, it’s already blended and in the bottle saving you time, money and faff!  

As award-winning distillers, we want to keep creating the best possible products for our customers and make crafting your favourite beverages at home easy yet enjoyable.

With our coffee liqueur you can create the perfect Espresso Martini just by measuring 2 parts of liqueur to 1 part water in a shaker with plenty of ice! There’s no need to add any fresh coffee or vodka, our liqueur has everything you need right there.  

“FIVE STARS, an amazing range sold by people that really know their stuff. Can’t faulter on taste and simplicity to make my favourite cocktails - will be repurchasing the Coffee Liqueur again”

So if you’re a cocktail-lover, caffeine-enthusiast or interested in trying something unique and packed with flavour, our AFTER NOON range is available to buy here.  

Say goodbye to the days of tough and pricey cocktail blending and let us do the hard work for you.   

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