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The Magic

We’re hands-on at every stage to create truly honest, artisan gins, made with the kind of passion, dedication and care you’ll only find at The Shropshire Distillery. 


Skilfully blended, sustainably and ethically sourced botanicals from around the globe and here in the UK go into our gins, creating a layer of vigour and complexity to the flavour profiles. Combined with traditional distilling methods this gives our gins a beautifully classic and smooth nature. At the end of your sip, you will experience longevity on the palette. Our flavours are layered and do not disappear quickly.

The flavours we blend into our gins are thoughtfully considered for their unique properties. Every botanical we use is included in our recipes for a reason and selected with purpose.

Our Gins are beautifully classic and smooth. We have four core range gins, and introduce seasonal special editions throught the year.

Our Stills

Using traditional copper pot still distillation and a ‘one shot’ method, we distill the very finest small batch, classic, handcrafted gins. With this method, everything goes into the copper pot, and what comes out is what we bottle!

We currently have four stills. Jean and Anne are the two hard working stills that create the gins. Both named in honour of our much-loved late Grandmothers, Jean, our first still is named after my grandmother and Anne after Gareth’s grandmother. Hermione is a vacuum still and we have a fourth development still named Eileen.

We have our own Reverse Osmosis system on site and use this to purify our water, which is then blended with our spirits to reduce the % ABV.

Copper still used to perfect The Shropshire Distillery gin recipe

Our Inspiration

Our inspiration comes from being gin lovers with a drive to create an honest, classic product of the best quality. We love collaborations, getting creative, meeting people and we never shy away from a challenge!