step 1

Step 1 - Botanical Selection

Our botanicals are sourced from around the globe and here in the UK which are skilfully blended with each gin having its own unique recipe. Every botanical we use is included in our recipes for a reason and selected with purpose.

Step 2 - Loading the Stills

We load our Copper pot stills with neutral grain spirit and only enough botanicals to make one distillation - a technique known as ‘one shot’ distilling - never making a gin concentrate or adding spirit after distillation, The stills are then sealed and heated up ready for the distillation to begin.

Step 3 - Collecting the Hearts 

Only the very best and purest heart of the distillation goes into our gins. We cut the Heads and Tails judged on nose and taste.

Step 4 - Blending 

We blend our hearts with purified water which we have extracted through our Reverse Osmosis system to ensure only the purest of water is blended with our spirit to get the desired alcohol bottling strength.

Step 5 - Bottling

Each of our spirits is individually filtered and bottled using our vacuum bottling machine.

Step 6 - Labelling

All of our bottles are hand labelled with love and care.

Step 7 - Here comes the most enjoyable part!

We believe the perfect way to enjoy gin is with family and friends, lots of ice, premium tonic and, of course, a generous measure of gin! - Enjoy responsibly.