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Celebrate Christmas with our Cranberry and Clementine Gin!

Christmas will soon be upon us and its finally time to start sampling those delicious seasonal flavours.  

Christmas will soon be upon us and its finally time to start sampling those delicious seasonal flavours.

Warm cinnamon and cassia, juicy festive fruits, and the delicious sweetness of Christmas treats…

We’ve kept all of these flavours in mind when preparing our festive gins and are now re-releasing our perfect seasonal blends, just in time for the Christmas period!
Festive Limited Edition:
Cranberry and Clementine Gin!

This gorgeous mix combines our core botanicals with tangy cranberries, clementine peel and warm cassia bark. 
This festive collaboration of flavours gives a smooth citrus sweetness and a light cranberry tang all enveloped in a delicious seasonal warmth.
A perfect drink for the colder nights, we’d recommend enjoying this one with a premium tonic and a slice of sweet orange. 
Say goodbye to evenings with the same old flavours; make the most of the festive season with the taste of Christmas right in your glass! 
It’s also the perfect gift for a fellow gin-lover - with its delicious warmth and sweetness, it’s a treat that can be enjoyed all year round!

The perfect Christmas flavours 
Cranberries are a popular addition to the Christmas dinner table: cranberry sauce, cranberry topped pies, turkey and cranberry sandwiches, the list goes on. But why? 
Cranberries are native fruits to America and so have been a part of their turkey dinners since 1863, when their Thanksgiving was made a national holiday. Cranberries were also frequently used as decoration; a large harvest in Massachusetts, it was hung with popcorn to make attractive and long-lasting garlands. It wasn’t until later that the UK discovered the delicious duo and joined America in inviting cranberries to our plates – and homes. Cranberries are also a popular addition to wreaths, centrepieces, and potpourri for their attractive colour. 
Clementines have an even longer history when it comes to celebrating Christmas. Dating back to the 4th-century tale of the original Saint Nicholas who left gold coins in the stockings of a poor man’s daughters, oranges have been used as a symbol of the saint’s generosity. 
Clementines are a tangor, in other words, a blend of the mandarin orange and the sweet orange. Oranges have been widely harvested in Europe as early as the 10th century, while the clementine wasn’t discovered until the 19th century in Algeria. 
Now common to Mediterranean Europe, the clementine is often the preferred choice at Christmas for its exquisite taste and aroma. While the tradition of a clementine in a stocking seems to be fading out, dried clementines are also now a popular choice for decoration and potpourri. 
Clementines are known for their refreshing taste and often come with more sweetness than some of their tartier counterparts. Blended with the tangy and rich cranberry, we give you a delicious Christmas collaboration that appreciates the traditional flavours of the season. 
Christmas Cocktail?
Christmas is all about having fun, letting loose, and making the most of all the festivity. What better way to do this than with a flavoursome cocktail? 
For those looking for a mixed option this Christmas, we’d recommend a deliciously simple Christmas Martini made up of just two easy ingredients:
·       50ml Shropshire Cranberry & Clementine Gin
·       20ml Lillet Blanc
·       Simply stir both ingredients together in a mixing glass with ice.
·       Strain into a chilled martini glass.
·       Garnish with a cranberry or clementine twist!

A perfect addition to your Christmas gathering that won’t take hours to prepare! It’s simple, inexpensive, and flavoursome! 
Our Cranberry & Clementine Gin is now available to buy here and keep an eye out for more information on our second seasonal blend coming soon!

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