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Meet the Distiller

The woman behind the gin....

I'm Emma Glynn, partner, distiller and day to day operations behind The Shropshire Distillery. Although we are a husband and wife team, Gareth has his consulting role with one of the UK's leading motorcycle manufacturers which keeps him busy, out of the distillery (and out of my way he he!) 90% of the time.

Our business started in 2018 as a small family business based at our home in 'The Gin Shed' where Shire gin was born. Head over to 'Our Story' to find out more.

Shire gin is our artisan handcrafted gin distilled, along with our Spiced, Cherry and Navy, on the daily.

I use traditional copper pot still distillation methods and I still do a happy dance every time Jean and Anne produce the start of the distillation run.

I am hands on at every step of the process, whether that be distilling, bottling, waxing, labelling - all processes are completed in house . Truly handcrafted from my family with love.

I'm sure by now you know plenty about our gins themselves, however I'm not sure you know much about me.

When I'm not busy distilling, bottling or doing all things gin, you may find me with a ball in my hand playing Netball. I've been playing netball since my days at school and have carried on playing throughout adulthood.  Playing netball helps me destress, get fit and socialise all at the same time. I'd also be lying if I said winning wasn't enjoyable too!

You will also find me out and about in Shropshire and across the UK walking with Gareth, Lily (distillery apprentice) and Calla, the distillery mascot, searching for new sights and adventures. Although after completing Coast to Coast back in March 2019 with two of my dearest friends I never thought I would enjoy walking again! I soon recovered and am immensley proud of myself for completing the challenge in 8 days and raising essential funds for MacMillan Cancer Support.

Unfortunately due to the pandemic I am unable to partake in either of these activities that I enjoy so much.

However, I've picked up a new hobby that I am able to do! I've found a love for creating and making cocktails. My two new favourite cocktails are; Expresso Martini and Ginger Spice which is a drink inspired by our very own award winning Spiced Gin.

What's your favourite cocktail? Check out our cocktail recipes for inspiration.

I love getting creative, whether that is development of new products for The Shropshire Distillery or for others. One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is collaborating with other businesses and organisations. I love being challenged and getting creative and I feel very lucky to work with so many different people and help bring their ideas to market.

With a background in Education, Teaching and administration management and I've always had a love for gin, I did not for one moment think I would become a distiller and being a female distiller puts me in a unique position in Shropshire and across the UK - Something I am very proud of.

I still can't quite believe how far we have come since opening in 2018 and each and every one of you are part of that, so THANK YOU from me and my family for your incredible support. 

There's lots to come from The Shropshire Distillery including seasonal limited edition releases, Distillery tours, experiences and new collaborations.  We hope you continue to join us on our journey and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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From my family to yours, take care and stay safe

Emma x x x


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